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BITCOIN: The Origin of HODL & How To Earn Your HODLER Stripes

bitcoin hodl Feb 19, 2018

When bitcoin was $200 it was still considered pretty much nerd money. 

When BTC hit $1000 I got a lot of the "its a bubble, you're an idiot" comments.

But right around BTC $16,000 is when I think my inbox started to fill up with serious questions about the bitcoin and how to best get started buying the cryptocurrency. 

The FOMO was strong.

FOMO = fear of missing out.

Bitcoin went up from there to almost $20,000 and many people bought in for the first time. 

Well guess what?

Bitcoin crashes a lot. Its volatile. 

This time is no different.

BTC crashed almost 70% down to about $6,000.

FUD took over.

FUD stands for "Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt".

My Facebook and Twitter feeds blew up.

I got many questions asking if people should sell.

I said if you're not a pro trader you must HODL.

Judging by my social media feeds I don't think too many new bitcoiners listened. 

What does it mean to HODL or be a HODLER?

The term “HODL” or “HODLER”, refers to...

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New Hidden Secrets of Money Video on Cryptocurrency

bitcoin crypto Dec 18, 2017

Mike Maloney just released a new video in his phenomenal series called "Hidden Secrets of Money". This video is called "From Bitcoin To Hashgraph: The Crypto Revolution" and provides an overview of how bitcoin and cryptos work. 

You can watch it below. It is episode number eight in the Hidden Secrets of Money series. If you have time, watch them all.


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Free Bitcoin

bitcoin Sep 11, 2017

Here's a quick video training showing you how to set up an account on Coinbase and buy your first Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. Spend at least $100 and Coinbase will give you an extra $10 in Bitcoin. In order to get your free $10 in Bitcoin, you must sign up using the link below:


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