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BITCOIN: The Origin of HODL & How To Earn Your HODLER Stripes

bitcoin hodl Feb 19, 2018

When bitcoin was $200 it was still considered pretty much nerd money. 

When BTC hit $1000 I got a lot of the "its a bubble, you're an idiot" comments.

But right around BTC $16,000 is when I think my inbox started to fill up with serious questions about the bitcoin and how to best get started buying the cryptocurrency. 

The FOMO was strong.

FOMO = fear of missing out.

Bitcoin went up from there to almost $20,000 and many people bought in for the first time. 

Well guess what?

Bitcoin crashes a lot. Its volatile. 

This time is no different.

BTC crashed almost 70% down to about $6,000.

FUD took over.

FUD stands for "Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt".

My Facebook and Twitter feeds blew up.

I got many questions asking if people should sell.

I said if you're not a pro trader you must HODL.

Judging by my social media feeds I don't think too many new bitcoiners listened. 

What does it mean to HODL or be a HODLER?

The term “HODL” or “HODLER”, refers to...

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