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newsletters Apr 13, 2020

We just went through a huge crash and now we're in a bounce back which could be
a dead cat bounce or it could be that the FED is buying everything LOL.

Uncharted territory.

I don't think anyone really knows.


What I do know is that whether we are going down to DOW 6,000 or up to 40,000,
it is wise to listen to certain insiders because they have access to information
and know whats up before the general public does.

And in my book "Stack Silver Get Gold", I say the public is always LATE to the party.

You want to be in whatever you're in before the public knows about it.

This is why I PAY to subscribe to a ton of newsletters.

I'm thinking of releasing a service where I just send out a monthly list of what
I think are the best recommendations I find in the newsletters I pay for but its kind
of a pain to set up.

So until then, here are some of my favorite newsletters and programs that I pay for.

1) THE MORGAN REPORT - David Morgan is one of the most requested speakers at any...

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