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How To Set Up A Horizen Super Node and Earn Free Zen Every Week

crypto horizen zen Oct 15, 2020

In stock investing there is something known as a "dividend" stock. When you buy a dividend stock, each month or year the company whose dividend stock you own will pay you part of their earnings in cash, directly to your account.

It really is pretty cool because not only do you benefit if the price of the stock goes up but you also get paid to own the stock!

HORIZEN, the team who created the ZEN cryptocurrency allows you to do something exactly like investing in dividend stocks. 

Horizen will actually pay you every week for owning ZEN.

Whats the catch?

You have to set up a "node". Don't know what a node is? Don't worry. I'll tell you. Plus they are super easy to set up. I'll show you how. 

What is a node?

Nodes are essentially other computer points that all commuication between a specific blockchain network and also provide a supporting role to the network.

In the Horizen Network they call them "ZENnodes" and there are two types of Zennodes. Well really three types.

A fullnode, a...

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